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    An interesting take on the "Greek" letter Psi.

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Albert Ellis

Albert Ellis (1913-2007) is known as the grandfather of cognitive behavior therapy. In 1955, he developed rational emotive therapy or better known as rational emotive behavior therapy of REBT from combining philosophical, humanistic and behavioral therapy. Dr. Ellis was a sickly child and eventually developed diabetes at age 40.Despite his health issues, Dr. Ellis worked tirelessly up to 16 hours a day until 2006 when he developed pneumonia and had to go into rehabilitation. He worked up to 7 days a week practicing group therapy, family and marriage counseling, sex therapy and psychotherapy and would see up to 60 patients a week. He was a prolific writer and authored and coauthored over 80 books and 1000 articles. He founded and then became the president emeritus of the Albert Ellis Institute in New York City, (Corey, G.,p. 273 (2009).  

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 The cognitive behavioral approaches can be quite different including the above mentioned REBT, Aaron Beck’s cognitive therapy (CT), and Donald Meichenbaum’s cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). However they all share four characteristics including: “(1)a  collaborative relationship between client and therapist,(2) the premise that psychological distress is largely a function of disturbances in cognitive processes,(3) a focus on changing cognitions to produce desired changes in affect and behavior, and (4) a generally time limited and educational treatment focusing on specific and structured target problems.”(Corey,G. (2005).Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy (7th edition).,p. 271 Belmont,CA:Brooks/Cole.




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