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Donald Meichenbaum

Donald Meichenbaum developed cognitive behavior modification (CBM) as an alternative to Ellis’s REBT. A crucial element of CBM is that the client must learn how they are impacting others and become aware of how they feel, think and behave. To make changes in their behavior, the “clients need to interrupt the scripted nature of their behavior so that they can evaluate their behavior in various situations.” (Meichenbaum,1986).

CBM is less direct then REBT and utilizes self instructional training to help the client learn to become more self aware of their self talk. Through working with the therapist, the client uses role playing and practices self instructions to address everyday problems in life. In turn they can learn ways to change their aggressive or impulsive behaviors or even learn to overcome the fear of public speaking or taking tests,(Corey, G p.292, 2009).

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