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Criticisms of Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Because REBT is a confrontational therapy, this can be ineffective for clients who are not ready or able to handle that kind of treatment. For example, a client who has suffered major trauma in their lives such as incest or rape and have never had any prior therapy may not be ready for the relatively quick method of therapy that REBT offers.

The REBT therapist should be very skilled and not rush the client into making choices or decisions that are not their own but instead are those suggested by the therapist. The therapist should be well trained in REBT so it is not inexpertly or incorrectly dispensed and therefore causing more harm than good.

Some of the criticisms towards Beck’s cognitive therapy include being to superficial and simplistic and that the emphasis is mainly on the power of positive thinking.

The main criticism of Meichenbaum’s CBM is the question, what exactly is the best method to change a client’s internal dialogue? For example, “is learning by self-discovery more effective and longer lasting than being taught by a therapist?”(Corey,p.306)


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